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How to submit a Bursary Request (Staff guide only)

This guide will show you how students submit bursary request and where you can access it once the request has been submitted.

First, you will have to check if the student's bursary status is already showing as 'Awarded' as the system will only allow students to submit requests if they have been awarded to a bursary band.

You may also access this Troubleshooting guide: Bursary bands are not showing in student profile for your reference.

Here's also the guide on How to change the student's Bursary Status.

If the student's bursary status is showing as 'Awarded', they will now have to login to their accounts and from there, they will see under additional phases there is a 'My Requests' button.




When they click the 'My Requests' button, they will be redirected to a new page which shows them a table of their request history.



To submit a bursary request, the students will click on the 'Add Request' button to start filling in the necessary fields.



From here, they will indicate, Request type (Purchase Item or Reimbursement) and populate the other fields based on the request type and lastly upload evidences/receipt; They can even upload a link if needed. Once done, they can just click 'Save' button.



Once they have submitted, the students will be able to see the status of their bursary requests by the 'status' column; They can also 'Edit' or 'Delete' a request.

Note that once a request has been marked 'approved' by you, it will no longer be editable.



If you wish to update the options under Bursary Request form, please refer to this guide otherwise, contact your Designated Customer Success Manager if needed.