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Troubleshooting guide: Bursary bands are not showing in student profile

Guide on how to troubleshoot if the Band Allocation is not showing on student profile

1. On the Concessions and Bursary tab, check if the Bursary School name is empty then select the school name accordingly and refresh the page.




2. In your Schools and Settings area (from the main dashboard) check the Bursary Bands resources values are correct and that the curriculum years are selected for year 12 & Year 13 if applicable to both groups.

 Check that the student profile notes the student as being in one of these year groups.




3. On the student profile, check if there is an office value or user value indicated in the income step of the application form for the student.

 Note that the office value will be used to calculate eligibility if there are values present.



4. On the student profile, check if the Bursary status is set to “Awarded”. 




5. If you are using the dependent child allowance, this may have moved your applicant into a negative total household income (for example if their household income is £0 and they have other children in the household, £100 per child will be deducted from their total, putting them into negative figures and therefore meaning they don't currently fit into a band of funding. 

If the issue still persists, please contact our Support Team on 020 8762 0882 for further assistance.