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How to update the Bursary Request form

This guide will show you how staff can update the Bursary Request form i.e. Add new options under purchase items or update the items eligible for reimbursement.


First, kindly go to your settings > application form.



From there, scroll down up to the bottom part of the page and you'll see 'Phase: Bursary Request' then click on the settings cog across the Step 1: Bursary Request.



For instance, you would like to add other options under Purchase item or additional items under Reimbursement type, what you'll have to do is to click the pencil icon to make changes.



Once you've clicked that, a pop up will show and then scroll further down and click 'Add new answer' button then populate the 3 boxes with the same data as indicated below from the sample screenshot.


Also, make sure that 'Active' and 'Visible' boxes are ticked otherwise if you wish to remove an answer, you can just untick those boxes or click the bin icon to remove it completely from the list.




Once done, scroll down again then click Save.



Lastly, you may preview it by clicking the 'Preview Application form' button which is located by the right hand side of the screen.



For any urgent concerns, please contact our support line here (0208 762 0882) or contact your designated Customer Success Manager.