B16+ Main dashboard

Understanding Recent Activities and Recent Applications in your Bursary16+ system

This guide will show where you can find your Recent Applications & Recent Activities within your Bursary16+ platform, and what information they hold.

Recent Applications & Recent Activities are found on the main dashboard. To access the dashboard, simply click on the B16+ button in the upper left corner of the page.

To see the Recent Activities section, you may scroll down until you reach that area, or you may simply click on the Recent Activities tab on top of the dashboard. 

This area shows you the 10 most recent activities which have taken place within your system; these are date and time stamped and tell you who completed each activity. 


On the Recent Applications area, you can see which steps of the application process the students have completed and which bits they haven't.

This area will show you the 10 students who most recently accessed their applications, and a blue bar indicates a step has been complete, whereas a grey bar signifies the step is yet to be completed.  


Please note; there is also an All Activities tab on the top of your main dashboard, if you need to view more than 10 activities or search through the Activity Log: