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Linking your bursary platform to your Admissions+ platform

This article will explain how to check that the link between your two platforms is active, and what to do if it is not.

We can easily link your bursary platform to your A+ platform so your enrolled students can log in using the same credentials and begin an application for the bursary fund.

Their basic details will pull across to Bursary16+

To check that the two platforms are already connected to one another, please log in to your
Bursary Platform > Settings > General Settings

Here, under Member Schools, you will see the name of your A+ school if the link is active.


Another way of checking whether the two platforms are already linked to one another is is by checking if a new Bursary Phase is added on your A+ platform.

To verify this, log in to your A+ Platform and navigate to Settings > Application Form > Phase View.

Concessions & Bursary should be visible to you, which you may activate so that students enrolled in your A+ platform can access your Bursary platform.

You may also provide them with the Bursary link (which is the same link you are using to login as a staff member), and they will be able to log in using the same credentials they used in A+.


Note - if the two platforms are not yet linked, please ask your CSM to connect the platforms for you as it requires their login.