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How to send a quick email to a group via Bursary16+ platform

This article will show you how to communicate with a specific group of students via email using your Bursary16+ platform.

For example, if you would like to send an email to all students you've been awarded for a bursary band (changed the status to Awarded)

First, go to Registered students and click on the 'Awarded' dashboard card and from there, select all the students and click the 'communications' button from the Advanced filter.


From the dropdown select 'Send email'. You may create a template prior sending the email to the students but you can also compose an email template and send it straight to the students or parents.

In composing an email template, you need to put in where you're sending the email from so that the students and parents can reply back to that email address. You can also send it to both (students & parents) so that the parents can see what the students needed to complete.

If you have already created an email template you can just choose from the dropdown & then click the 'Add template' button and proceed in sending the email. In addition, you can also add an attachment if you'd like.

If you haven't composed the template yet, you can now add the content of your email in the description box on the right. 

Once done, click send email.



If you wish to send an email per student, you may do so by going into their student profile and click the mail-like button from the left side.