B16+ Student Profiles

How to create, update and monitor tasks in your Bursary16+ system

This guide will show how you can set tasks for staff users, relating to specific students within your platform.

First, you need to choose a student in order to assign a task.

You may do this by either typing the student's name in the search field beside the Knowledge Base button and selecting the student, or by locating them within a list of applicants from your dashboard. 

This will take you to the profile of the student that you need to see, have a call, or whatever it is that you want to do.

Note: You can set a task for a teacher per student.

On the student profile, go to the Activities tab and click on the "+ Task" button.

Fill out the required fields:
Due date - when the task needs to be done by
Assignee - the teacher who will do the task
Content - details of the task
Tick the "Send email to teacher" box to notify the teacher the task is assigned to them 

You can also create reminders about the task - for a specific date and time or relative to the completion date and send a copy of the reminder by email. 

When you have set the task, click "Create Task". 

Once done, go back to your homepage by clicking on the B16+ button in the upper left corner.

Go to the Tasks tab and you should see all the tasks that were created & assigned. 

If you have several tasks, you may find it helpful to filter tasks by their assignee or status.

To mark a task complete, simply click on the check icon (as shown below).

Note: Completed tasks are highlighted green.

You can also update or delete the task by clicking on the edit or bin icons (as shown below).