Setting up B16+ for a new cycle

How to create or update your academic year in Bursary16+

This guide will show you how you can create a new academic year for next cycle, or to move current applications that are in the wrong application year.

To create a new Academic Year, this needs to be added on your system’s properties area first.

To do this, navigate to your Settings (on the lower left corner of your screen) > Properties and then Properties again.

On your properties area, look for “Bursary Application Year

Once you've clicked on the pencil icon, you'll see list of academic year then you may tick the active boxes to activate the new academic year then press save.

When you return to your Dashboard, your new Academic Year will be visible only when at least one student has renewed their bursary or you have received new applications for the 2023 year. You may create a test student to kick start this.

To update the academic year, you may go to any list of students or awarded tile then select a few students who need to be updated then click on 'bulk update'; You may search the name of a particular student on the field by the right hand side of the screen.

There will be a pop up view and on the property field, select 'bursary application year' then select the academic year on the value field and press save.

Should you have any further concerns/questions, please contact your designated Customer Success Manager if you're still in your first cycle, otherwise contact our support line via this number 0208 762 0882 and they'll be glad to assist you.