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How to create a test account in your Bursary 16+ platform

This article will show you how you can create a test account in your bursary platform to help you practice actions and see what students see.

When you have just completed the set up of your platform, it is very important to test it first so you will know if everything has been set up properly, if all the questions on the form are correct and so you know if you are now ready to launch the form to the students.

You can create an account in two ways; either a system-generated, pre-filled form or a brand new application for you to complete yourself


To create a system-generated test account, go to Settings > Application form, then click the +Create Test Application button:

The system will ask you what type of student you wish to create as test: Internal or External. All of your bursary applicants will be internal, as they are current students at your school - select "internal" and press "Create Test Applications". 


The test application will be generated, along with random answers, and you will be taken to the student profile, where you can then see the answers which have been generated for that account. 


To register yourself and complete an application from scratch, you can Manually Add (guide link) yourself as a student (use a personal email address, as your work email address will be recognised as pre-existing) and send yourself the welcome email, so you are able to log in and complete it as though you are an applicant. 

You can also register directly on your landing page if you aren't connecting your platform to Admissions+: 

Once you have successfully registered, you should receive a confirmation email to log in to the platform and to start the application.