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How to Copy Data from an Existing Bursary Application

This article will show you how to enable the copy data option from your bursary platform to help parents during application for other siblings.

There are options added that will allow you to select whether you want the applicants to be able to copy data from an existing bursary application-  either when starting a new application and / or after an application is already started. This will make the parent’s experience a lot easier for when they have to complete a number of applications for other siblings.

To enable this, go to Settings>Bursary>Bursary and Fees. From there, scroll down to Other Settings then switch on the 'toggle button' for ‘Allow parent to copy form from existing siblings when using Start Application button’ and/or ‘Allow parent to copy from existing siblings when opening an existing application’.


During configuration, you can select which steps to copy as shown above. Simply tick on the box next to each step name then click ' Save'.