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How to Approve, Decline or Change the status of Requests

After the students have completed their application and have been awarded funds, they can now make a request for purchase or reimbursement. This article will show you where you can find and approve the requests.

On your dashboard, click on 'Requests' tab.

You will then see a list of all the students who requested a purchase or reimbursement.

To check or change the details of their requests, click on the note icon beside the student ID number.
A pop-up window will then appear with the purchase or reimbursement request's details including any receipts or screenshots from the student.

Once done reviewing the request, click on the tick box on the left to select the student and select from the options that will appear above to approve, decline, complete or delete it.

You may also Send an Email once you have changed their Bursary Request to notify the students about their request's status.

Below are more details on how you can use each request statuses:

Approve - use this to approve a request. Changing their status to approve will not deduct the amount requested from the student's profile yet.

Action - use this if the request is being actioned at the moment. For example the school purchased the laptop but it still needs to be shipped out to the student.

Complete - use this if all the transaction has been completed. Changing the request's status to complete will deduct the amount from the student's profile.

Decline - use this status to refuse a request.

Delete - use this to delete any request which was submitted incorrectly.

Send Email - click here to send email or notification to the student about the request.