B16+ Main dashboard

Bursary daily email digest settings

In this article, you will learn how you can activate the daily email digest that will be sent to you every morning to give you updates on things that have changed in your system over the last 24 hours.

Please click the person icon in the top right-hand corner, and then click on "Email Preferences".

Once you're there, you can then enable the Daily Email Digest for your Bursary Application Form. In bursary systems, there is only ever one application form, so when you select it, "all active forms" will also be enabled by default. 


Click the "edit" icon to determine which elements you would like to be included in your daily email. Then click "Save Changes".  

You can also share with people who don't have an account in your bursary platform. So, if you have a head teacher or another member of staff who would like a notification every morning, but you do not want to create an account on the platform for them, then you can also add them here by putting the person's email address after enabling the toggle. And you should again be able to tick the elements that you want to be included in their daily email. Then click "Save Changes". 

The only difference between the email that they'll get and the email that you get is that yours will have links that you can click on to go to the platform.

Here's an example of how emails look when you actually open them up.  It will have a summary of all the changes that have happened.  You can see a column for things that have changed in the last 24 hours, and then also that have changed to date. 

You can also see the running total. And if you click on any one of these links, it will then take you to a summary page for those changes.